AGM Sept 8th 2021 7PM, Evan Hardy, Commons Room

Welcome to the 2021-22 Season of SRML.
We're looking forward to getting back to Men's Basketball starting Oct 17th/2021.

The league reconvenes with the AGM at 7PM, Evan Hardy High School, Commons Room on Wednesday Sept 8th,2021.

Every team intending to play in the 2021-22 season should have a representative at this Annual General Meeting.

Updates and amendments to the SRML constitution will be on the agenda along with other discussions and issues to be voted on.

Registration night is Sept 21st, 7pm at Evan Hardy.
Please do not pre-register your teams until prompted to do so by this website.

If you are an individual who would like to find a team or a team looking for an extra player or two click on the "Find a Player" icon on the SRML Website.
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AGM Sept 8th 2021 7PM, Evan Hardy, Commons Room

All school gyms cancelled until Dec 2020.

All Games cancelled for the 2019/20 Season


Playoffs have started in A, B and C Divisions

Schedule is set for the Second Half of the Season

Schedule is set to Dec 15th ONLY at this time

Schedule is in Process! First games are October 20th

Registration for teams playing the 2019/20 season is now Open!

AGM Sept 4th 2019 7PM, Evan Hardy, Commons Room

2019-20 Season