First League Games are Oct 14th for all Divisions

Website News and emails will be sent out in regards to the schedule updates as the process continues. Thank you for your patience!

Team Reps: Please fill out the rosters with the username and password before your first game.
Enter the username and password that was sent to your email.
After Login is completed click on Account Manager then go into Team Management to Add or Edit your roster.

On behalf of the SRML executive I would like to wish all of you a fun and competitive basketball season. The league has 90 teams currently and this is very positive but it does present some additional challenges for gym space and officials. In order to facilitate scheduling, officiating, and scorekeeping responsibilities we ask that team reps and/or players check the schedule CAREFULLY and request any scheduling changes by a minimum of 10 working days before the game is scheduled to be played. The deadline is Nov.4th for any first half changes.
We have a well trained, loyal, efficient and enthusiastic group of minor officials who deserve respect at all times. Please address any inquiries (other than questions about time outs)to the referees.
Respect for officials is a must. Abuse of any of the SRML officials will not be tolerated. We are fortunate to have a good reputation which has enabled us to secure rental time and space from the public school board. We ask that all players be respectful of the facility and equipment that is being used.

Basketball continues to grow by leaps and bounds in Saskatoon! This is a positive trend but it does create some definite challenges, one being the scheduling of officials. Our league (90 teams this year) and the Referees Association cannot accommodate a large number of rescheduled games.

1. Any changes to the first half of the league schedule must be made before Nov 4th,2018.
2. Any changes to the second half of the league must be made before January 14th, 2019.
3. Arrangements for rescheduled games after the above deadlines must be done 10 working days before the game is scheduled to be played.
4. Teams may forfeit a game with 2 weeks notice to the league administrator. Teams who forfeit will not be penalized. Their opponents may use the scheduled gym time for a team practice.
5 Not showing up for a game and/ or not notifying 10 days in advance of the cancellation will result in a default. As per our constitution, one default will require the payment of the first $150 default cheque given to the SRML at the beginning of the season. A second default will require payment of a second default cheque and results in the removal of the defaulting team from the league and no refund of league fees.
Please review your schedules very carefully and make any necessary schedule changes before the deadlines. This is especially important for team reps. The SRML Executive thanks you in advance for your support, feedback and participation. Have a great season.

Harold Shutiak
Ryan Chute
Steve Dawe

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First League Games are Oct 14th for all Divisions

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