Team Rep Responsibilities

SRML Team Rep Responsibilities and IMPORTANT Facts to share with your Team

Technicals and CONDUCT OF PLAYERS:

1. Any player charged with two technical fouls in a single game shall be

suspended from league play for at least one game.

1b. Any player being assessed a technical foul shall be suspended for the

remainder of the half in which the technical foul was assessed.

1c. Any player suspended for the second occasion in any season shall be

suspended for a minimum of three games.

1d. Any player that accumulates 3 Technical fouls during the season will be suspended for one game


1. Any changes to the first half of the league schedule must be made before October 31st, 2015

2. Any changes to the second half of the league must be made before January 17th, 2016.

3. Arrangements for rescheduled games after the above deadlines must be done 1 week before the game is scheduled to be played.

4. Teams may forfeit a game with 1 weeks notice to the league administrator. Teams who forfeit will not be penalized. Their opponents may use the scheduled gym time for a team practice.

5 Not showing up for a game and/ or not notifying 1 week in advance of the cancellation will result in a default. As per our constitution, one default will require the payment of the first $150 default cheque given to the SRML at the beginning of the season. A second default will require payment of a second default cheque and results in the removal of the defaulting team from the league and no refund of league fees.

Playoff Eligibility:

To be eligible for playoffs players need to play at least 7 games. Check the scoresheets carefully before and after the game for jersey numbers and players names to match and be correct. If the player does not score be sure there is a zero under their name as that’s how the league counts games played, by points scored.

Eligible Players:

Eligible players may be added to a team’s roster until the first game after

the New Year. After that time teams wishing to add new players must petition to

the league administrator in writing for approval in cases where an emergency has

occurred (injuries, transfers etc.) and a new player is needed by a team.

A player not on a team’s roster is an ineligible player. Any team using an

ineligible player forfeits the game.

No player may be on the roster of more than one team, and once a player

has played for one team, (except for Masters) he is an ineligible player for any

other team during that season. Violations will be subject to review by the

executive committee.

No roster shall include any person on the roster of any university, college or

high school basketball team during that same season of play, unless approval of

the Executive Committee is first obtained.

Required is a letter signed by a parent/guardian and the player’s coach. High school students who are not playing on a high school team that are in

grade twelve (12) may apply to the league administrator to play in the league.

Required is a letter signed by a parent or guardian. Such players must be placed

on a team’s roster by December 1st of the season. Application must be in writing

to the league administrator before that player may play in a league game.

Required is a letter signed by a parent or guardian.

No roster shall include any person under the age of 18 years, unless approval

of the Executive Committee is first obtained.